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2288 Parkedale Ave, Brockville, ON K6V 3G9

April 28, 2024 


VIP 10am



FANATICCON is a pop culture event hosting vendors and exhibitors dealing in toys, comics, games and entertainment.


Early shopping at 10am is available to VIP ticket holders.



The exhibitor package with final information will be forwarded prior to the show.

Once arrived at the venue, Dealers will check in at registration, receive their passes and then can begin unload/setup. Set up is the day of the event 6am-9:45am however individual dealer setup times will be a scheduled (load in time slot to be determined). All dealers are expected to stay for the duration of the show. Tear down occurring before the end of the show could result in refusal to allow dealer to future shows. Tear down is right after the show and not before.



With no reservations, I the undersigned do hereby agree to release FANATICCON, location it’s organizers for loss or injury to the exhibitor or his property while on the way to, or on the premises of the FANATICCON. I also agree to hold harmless in the event of an accident FANATICCON and it’s organizers.



At all times you are responsible for securing the items on your tables. We are NOT responsible for security of your tables.



You agree not to bring fake, illegal or knockoff items onto the show floor, doing so could result in your expulsion from the show and every complaint of fake and knockoff items will be investigated. Original art is okay.



For every 8x6 or 8x8 space you are responsible for bringing your own tables and folded chairs and fixtures. Every space must have a proper presentation, neat and tidy. The location of your designated space will be decided by the Organizers unless a specific location is requested in advance. The allocation of space will be made by the date of full payment. Reserve early to avoid disappointment. TABLES AND CHAIRS ARE NOT INCLUDED (Bring your own Tables and Chairs)



There are no refunds available for reserved spaces. If this event is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, your space and our services will be credited to the following show date. If you decide to cancel and never return, there is no refund and that is your decision.


IF we have to cancel due to weather with less than 72 hours notice (major storm or power outage), we will issue a credit towards a future event (no refunds).

IF you need to cancel your space for personal reasons, and give more than 48 hours notice, we will give you a credit towards a future event.

IF you are a no-show or give less than 48 hours notice, you will forfeit your table fees. If you are not able to attend the event but have someone else who is willing to take your place, you MUST get our approval first.



Each dealer space will receive 2 badges for 8x6 and 2 badges for 8x8. The holders of these badges will be allowed in the show the whole set up and tear down process. The names of your team must be forwarded to the organizers for inclusion on the master list to receive badges. If you have multiple spaces, you would be eligible for multiple badges however all extra badges must be reserved with a helpers name ahead of time. If you have multiple booth spaces, you would be eligible for

multiple badges, however all extra badges must be reserved with a helpers name ahead of time. The allotment must be reserved in advance to avoid non-staff walking the floor as an exhibitor. Exhibitors who abuse badges will be expelled from future shows.



Items should be clearly marked with prices and only items falling into a toys, comics, games, collectibles category, Fan Customs and art will be allowed at the show.


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